BILLIE EILISH Introduced All Her Instagram Followers To 2000s Metalcore Band IT DIES TODAY

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Hell yeah.

It Dies Eilish

You’ve read about it before it – Billie Eilish is a big metal fan and big metal artists are a fan of Billie Eilish. But now the pop star has decided to start introducing her fanbase to metal, and she’s doing so with a pretty deep cut.

Eilish posted a brief story on her Instagram of a rearview mirror soundtracked to “A Threnody For Modern Romance” by It Dies Today. Not exactly Metallica, but hey – the nostalgia for 2000s metalcore is strong as hell right now and I’m sure It Dies Today appreciates the bump! Especially to Eilish‘s 109 million Instagram followers.

And yes, It Dies Today‘s label Trustkill Records saw the post. “Billie Eilish blasting It Dies Today to her 109M followers …. so fucking cool,” they wrote on Twitter.

Billie Eilish blasting It Dies Today to her 109M followers …. so fucking cool.— Trustkill (@Trustkill) August 2, 2023

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