CATTLE DECAPITATION Announces New Album Terrasite

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Cattle Decapitation has announced their new album Terrasite early thanks to a Redditor leaking the album artwork. Terrasite is out May 12 and is dedicated to the memory of the late and great Gabe Serbian of The Locust. Cattle Decapitation defines Terrasite as “A devourer or destroyer of land or earth” and as “Post-Anthropocene ‘Humanity.'”

“We’ve all heard the old saying about how the cockroach is so pervasive… so insidious… so invasive… that they could ‘survive a nuclear war,'” said Cattle Decapitation.

“Our previous album Death Atlas left the world blackened and lifeless… or so we thought. It turns out that the carbon-encrusted bodies that adorned the album’s layout and music video (and that resemble the victims of Pompeii that were frozen in time by the Mt. Vesuvius disaster of 79 A.D.) were actually more of a cocoon-like stage for something much more vicious to come… Humanity Part 2: The Terrasite.

“On the album’s cover we see the terrasite, aka ~Blattodea Humanis Immortalis~ aka ‘earth-eater,’ molting from its ootheca as others are beginning to awaken to their new lives. Having endured the tortuous existence of being a homosapien, they have now re-emerged into a new world… frightened… saddened… confused… PISSED. Re-birthed as a novel variant of human disease, now adapted to the hellish landscape their former lives helped create in order to continue to finish the utter ravaging of its home planet, Earth. As they say… ‘life finds a way.'”

A new single is expected in February. The artwork for Terrasite was done by Wes Benscoter.

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