CLUTCH Drummer JEAN-PAUL GASTER On The End Of The Band: “There Is No Retirement Plan”

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Clutch has been providing the world with incredible rock riffs for over 30 years and across over a dozen full-length albums. And the good news is that they’re not planning on hanging it up any time soon!

Clutch drummer Jean-Paul Gaster said in an in interview with Andrew Haug Radio that the band has zero plans to retire and will keep going as long as they can. Which is especially great considering how top-quality the band’s latest record Sunrise On Slaughter Beach was. I mean really, how many artists out there are still killing it like Clutch is this many years into their career?

“No, there is no retirement plan in the future,” said Gaster. “We’re gonna do this for as long as we can possibly do it. We still enjoy it. We just wrapped up a very extensive European tour, probably the longest we’ve done over there. And it was certainly difficult to do, and it was tiring, but it was also probably one of the most exciting things I’ll ever do for my entire life. It was amazing. It was an experience of a lifetime. And I think we all feel like that.

“This opportunity to play music is such a special thing. And I think we all appreciate it more. And so we’re just gonna keep doing this thing for as long as we can. We really enjoy it. I enjoy making music with these guys. It’s a very special thing.”

In our interview earlier this year with Clutch vocalist Neil Fallon, we asked about the secrets to the band’s longevity.

“We get asked that a lot [secret to band longevity] and it’s the kind of disappointing answer that I usually come up with,” said Fallon in response. “A lot of it has to do with just dumb luck. I met [drummer¬†Jean-Paul Gaster]¬†because we met in middle school. My last name starts with F, his starts with G, so we had homeroom together and our lockers were by each other, you know? And I think early on, especially when we were closer to adolescence than adulthood, there was a lot of bickering that went along.

“We were kind of learning the ropes while doing it. And since that time we’ve learned when to read the room. If someone needs some space, don’t get in their way. And you’ve got to have a sense of humor. You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself. Sure, there can be shitty days, but a lot of times the shittiest day of rock and roll is better than the best day in an office. And I think we all know that. And we will become very kind of defensive and protective about what we have right now.¬†”

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