Court Flags Trump Gag Order Appeal Because Lawyer is Not Member of Bar for DC Circuit

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As you watch the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives struggle to elect a speaker, Donald Trump is over in the other corner reminding you of the level of competency you could have in charge of the entire country again if you don’t vote in 2024.

Yes, an appeals court clerk had to flag the Trump gag order appeal because the lawyer is not a member of the bar for the DC Circuit.

“Just in: U.S. Court of Appeals clerk flags the Trump gag order appeal and notes lawyer John Lauro is not a member of the bar for the DC Circuit – Gives him a Nov. 2 deadline to complete his application,” Senior editor at The Messenger Darren Samuelsohn shared.

Followed up with the shot: “Lauro in a statement just now: ‘I’ve been a member of the DC bar and the federal trial court bar for nearly 40 years. This is a routine request from the federal appellate court to join its bar, which I will do in order to represent President Trump in this important matter.’”

Huh. If it was a routine request, it seems like Lauro would have joined the bar before he filed the appeal. But perhaps expecting reasonable competency and compliance with rules from Trump lawyers is a stretch.

The lawyer for Trump’s gag order appeal has until November 2nd to complete his application to bar for the DC circuit. If we hadn’t just barely survived the Trump presidency, it would be hard to believe this was real. But real it is.

No one could have expected a Trump lawyer to know the law, after all.

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