DAUGHTRY & LZZY HALE Drop Cover Of JOURNEY’s “Separate Ways”

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Chris Daughtry of Daughtry fame has unleashed his cover of Journey‘s 1983 hit “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” featuring Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale. The production is pretty beefy, the duo sound great, and you can stream it either below or via all streaming services here.

Oh, and much like Metallica‘s “Master Of Puppets” coming back to prominence, you have Stranger Things to thank for this one too.

Chris Daughtry and I have been threatening to unleash a duet for years. What better way to do that than by paying tribute to one of our mutual influences… Journey!” said Lzzy. “This song is not only part of the Stranger Things soundtrack, but has been my go-to for karaoke for as long as i can remember! I’m so honored to have been a part of this and I hope it makes you smile as big as I did while recording it!”

“I’ve always loved the song and I was wanting to do a classic cover and my wife and I were watching the Stranger Things season finale and there’s this incredibly intense scene and ‘Separate Ways’ was a big part of this scene,” said Daughtry.

“It was so moving just the way it was used, it felt so cool and epic and I was immediately like ‘THIS is the one! We have to cover this song.’ Then I was, like, ‘How can we make this extra special? What if it was a duet? What if we got Lzzy on it!!??” Needless to say I was pumped she said yes and I absolutely love how it turned out.”

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