Watch LAMB OF GOD’s Complete Bloodstock 2022 Set

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Stop what you’re doing right now! You can now stream Lamb of God’s complete set from Bloodstock 2022 in Walton-on-Trent, UK. Go ahead and check it out just above!

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The set opens with a super-spirited version of “Memento Mori” with an incredible vocal performance from Randy Blythe. The band then takes it back to the glory days with a pummeling version of “Ruin” from As the Palaces Burn.

0:01-4:08 – “Intro/Memento Mori”

4:32-8:22 – “Ruin”

9:00-14:11 – “Walk With Me In Hell”

14:54-20:08 – “Resurrection Man”

20:40-25:08 – “Nevermore”

27:35-31:14 – “Now You Got Something To Die For”

31:31-35:10 – “Contractor”

37:04-41:31 – “Omerta”

42:00-46:04 – “11th Hour”

47:10-49:52 – “Solo/Intro to Omens”

49:55-53:16 – “Omens”

53:50-57:38 – “Hourglass”

1:00:40-1:05:05 – “512”

1:05:25-1:09:48 – “Ghost Walking”

1:10:51-1:15:30 – “Vigil”

1:15:40-1:19:35 – “Laid To Rest”

1:20:25 – “Redneck”

By the way, another complete Lamb of God live show, this time a killer set in Portland, Oregon in October of last year, was released last week. You can check it out here!

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