DAVE LOMBARDO Explains How The “Angel Of Death” Drum Fill Is Inspired By Latin Jazz

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Saying Dave Lombardo is talented is an understatement. Lombardo has drummed for everyone from thrash titans like Slayer and Testament, to punk rock legends like Suicidal Tendencies and Misfits, has gotten downright weird with Mr. Bungle and Dead Cross, and even shows off his chops on his most recent solo stuff.

In an interview with New Noise Magazine, Lombardo explained about how much his cultural background had an impact on his style as a drummer, and how those influences made their way to some of iconic Slayer songs.

“Let’s say, for example, ‘Angel of Death’ and that drum break with the double bass. Everybody knows that piece. I think the double bass is, like, 32nd notes. And then, over that rhythm, I hit a series of syncopated tom hits. I did a very typical Tito Puente, ‘de, dot, dot, dot, dot,’ and then it went back into the thrash beat. ‘

As life went on, Lombardo said he realized the inspiration had come from Latin jazz: “Ginger Baker or Mitch Mitchell were very jazz-oriented, but those kinds of syncopated patterns are very Caribbean, or Latin jazz or Cuban based. So I later realized that I’m very influenced instinctually and unconsciously by Cuban music, or Afro Caribbean rhythms.”

Lombardo debut solo album Rites Of Percussion was mixed by Lombardo‘s son David A. Lombardo, mastered by by John Golden at Golden Mastering, and given artwork by Luke Insect. You can get your copy here.

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