Mike Johnson Flees The Capitol After Mayorkas Impeachment Disaster

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Speaker Mike Johnson was described as “bolting” from the Capitol after his vote to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas failed.

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Here is how Johnson’s departure was described by Billy House of Bloomberg News, “Johnson bolts from capitol….does not stop to talk to reporters.”

However, it would not be a story about House Republicans without some chaos, so here is Sahil Kapur of NBC News reporting Steve Scalise will be back tomorrow and the House is going to hold another vote, but wait for the twist. “Rep. Buck tells reporters that GOP leadership said to him “Scalise will be here tomorrow morning,” so they’ll re-vote on Mayorkas impeachment tomorrow. But Scalise’s office tells @RebeccaRKaplan that’s not true. (No such vote has been scheduled.)”

Scalise isn’t coming back tomorrow. Johnson and GOP leadership are uncertain as to the rules for when they can bring the Mayorkas impeachment up for another vote, but the House work week ends on Thursday, and the special election for George Santos’s old seat in NY-03 is Tuesday, which means that Democrats could pick up another House seat and make it even more difficult for Republicans to impeach Mayorkas.

Speaker Johnson was such a failure that he left without speaking to reporters.

The failed Mayorkas impeachment embarrassed House Republicans, especially Johnson, whose ineptitude is starting to make Kevin McCarthy’s brief speakership look like one of the all-time greats.

House Republicans can’t even abuse their impeachment power correctly.

The American people will be better off when this crew is sent back to the House minority where they belong.

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