Eric Swalwell Burns Jim Jordan To The Ground During FBI Hearing

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After Jim Jordan accused FBI Director Chris Wray of lawlessness, Eric Swalwell reminded everyone that Jordan has defied a 1/6 Committee subpoena for over 400 days.


Swalwell: I think it’s quite rich the guy that accused you of lawlessness is 400 days in violation of his own congressional subpoena over January 6th.

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 12, 2023

Swalwell said, “Director, I think it is quite rich that the guy that has accused you of lawlessness and weaponization is 400 days into violation of his own congressional subpoena over January 6th. It’s quite rich that you are hearing all of these allegations from someone who won’t even reply to a lawful subpoena.”

Rep. Swalwell later went on MSNBC and called hearing chaos and absolute bananas:

.@ericswalwell describes GOP at Chris Wray hearing as “bananas” and “absolute chaos.” Rep. Swalwell said, “The FBI director who oversees 38,000 employees, investigating terrorism, child exploitation, national security, walks right into the partners meeting of Insurrection LLC.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 12, 2023

Somebody needed to call out the hypocrisy of Jordan and other House Republicans who claim to be standing up for freedom against an FBI that they consider lawless when those same Republicans defied subpoenas from the January 5th Committee and refused to testify about the Capitol attack.

Chair Jordan is notoriously terrible at these hearings.

Earlier in the hearing, Judiciary Committee ranking member Jerry Nadler exposed the real purpose of the Republican attacks on the FBI, which is to roll out the red carpet for Russia to interfere in the 2024 election and help Donald Trump.

Jordan (R-OH) got a dose of reality from Rep. Swalwell, who debunked the theater that committee Republicans are putting on to hide their true motivation of helping and protecting Donald Trump.

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