For Us, By Us: 21 Businesses Owned By Black Women & Nonbinary Folx

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Cavo Candles

This Black-women- and sister-owned brand incorporates heaps of personality into each of its aromatic jars. We’re talking creative names (“Direct Deposit” to “After A Good Cry,” “Blushing,” and more), correlating Spotify playlists, and cute packaging with every purchase. If you’re on the hunt for rich, comforting scents and 100% soy wax candles, look no further than Femí and Naomi Adeyemo’s brand Cavo.

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Bell’s Reines

Head to Bell’s Reines for mini handmade and utterly delicious gourmet cookies. Mother and daughter duo Teneisha Bell-Thompson and Angel Cephas have redefined the pre-packaged cookie industry since launching in 2019. Whether you’re craving decadent chocolate chip treats or gluten-free and vegan sweets, there’s a little something for everyone at Bell’s Reines.

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For Them

Both queer and nonbinary, For Them founder Kylo Freeman celebrates human beings with their inclusive, binary-breaking apparel. The brand’s main attraction, The Binder, features anti-itch fabric and safely compresses all day long thanks to For Them’s patented designs.

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Multi-disciplinary artist and academic Alannah Tiller takes inspiration from pop culture and online imagery to craft her eye-catching art. Score a few of her pieces at Society6 or her own site to give your space a unique, stylish refresh.

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Meet the first-ever fragrance label sold at Urban Outfitters (you can also find them at Credo): Moodeaux. According to Moodeaux’s About page, Brianna Arps founded the clean fragrance brand specifically for the “unapologetically outspoken rebel inside us all.” Her innovative formulas and mood-boosting scents are bound to leave you (and anyone within a 5-foot radius) quite intrigued.

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PottyPillow Classic

For PottyPillow creator Rena Queen, lumbar support isn’t just for office chairs, it’s also for toilets. Her antimicrobial cushions provide relief and comfort for people struggling with chronic pain, pregnant folks, the elderly, and anyone looking for a little extra cozy. Plus, they improve posture with every sit. One on-site reviewer raves, “Every time I use my PottyPillow the thought that comes to me is ‘where have you been all my life?'”

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Grace Eleyae

Grace Eleyae’s collection of silk and satin-lined accessories has revolutionized Black hairstyling and diversified the ways we can all rock a protective style. In 2020, 12 of the brand’s Slaps (satin-lined caps) made it on to “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list and will now forever dwell in the Oprah hall of fame. It’s Black excellence at its finest. You can also find Eleyae’s goods at Nordstrom, Sephora, and JCPenny.

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Bread Beauty Supply

This brand delivers, per its own words, “hair care basics for not basic hair.” Its critically-acclaimed selection of glossy serums, conditioning masks, and gentle shampoos were formulated specifically for 3A to 4C hair textures. Bread Beauty Supply’s founder, Maeva Heim, aims to “simplify wash days for all,” and we are here for it.

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Black Girl Sunscreen

We’ve all experienced the terrifying white-cast that appears on Black skin after using a sunscreen that was not made for us, nor by us. This brand fixes that problem. Shontay Lundy founded this company in 2016 and her sunscreen now boasts an impressive 5,729 reviews that average out to a solid 5-star rating.

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Oui The People

In order to form a more perfect wellness routine, Oui The People’s founder Karen Young made it her mission to reconstitute antiquated and unrealistic beauty standards. Her dynamic line of bath and body products prioritizes feeling great in our skin over simply looking great in our skin.

Since launching in 2015, Oui The People has kept its promise of delivering well-thought-out products that cater to the common good of, well, the people.

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This Black artisan-run marketplace makes all-natural ingredients, and Black wellness its number one priority. Each artisan is specifically chosen by “Black women’s health experts who know what an all-natural product looks like” in order to uphold the marketplace’s values at heart.

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Sienna Naturals

Hanna Diop founded Sienna Naturals on a set of values stemming from her childhood. Growing up, although the products she used on her hair were all-natural, they still did not promote the overall health of her curls. So, instead of choosing between saving the planet or saving her hair, she created this restorative and eco-conscious Black hair care line that does both. (Bonus: Issa Rae loves her products!)

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Love & Snow

Love & Snow’s story began when founder Love White decided to solve her frustrating scalp issues with essential oils. Her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and Public Health helped her perfect a 100% organic hair serum that fully moisturizes the scalp without leaving a greasy mess or any added irritation.

You can snag her Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum and more at her website.

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Fenty Beauty

We cannot do a round-up of Black women ran businesses without giving Bad Gal Ri Ri her flowers. Seven years ago, instead of a new album, the mega pop star gifted us with top-quality inclusive cosmetics and built a beauty empire.

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Golde founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford started Golde in 2017 after watching her mother navigate rheumatoid arthritis. Inspired by the success her mom had with a holistic physician, Wofford went on to create Golde to make wellness more accessible for people of color.

The brand launched with its highly acclaimed turmeric tonic blend before later expanding into skincare with a line of superfood masks. It also just released a new pure matcha powder, and in 2019, Golde hit Sephora shelves — making Mouzon Wofford the youngest Black woman to launch a beauty line at the retail beauty giant.


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Wrap Life

Crown the queen in your life with one of the gorgeous adornments from The Wrap Life. Based in Brooklyn, NY, The Wrap Life — created by Nnena Stella — offers head adornments, head wraps, turbanettes, and more in an array of hand-printed designs. Stella has gained so much exposure since launching her headwraps in 2014 that she was tapped to style headwraps for the cover of Vogue Arabia in 2018.

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Alexandra Winbush

Alexandra Winbush is the manifestation of Brittney Winbush, a creator and actress who stated goal is “lighting up the world, one candle at a time.” Based in Brooklyn, New York, the wellness brand specializes in scented candles and flavored teas for all of your self-care needs. While Alexandra Winbush has only been around for a few years, it’s already garnered quite a buzz. In fact, as Essence magazine pointed out earlier this year, Issa Rae is a fan.

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Aziza Handcrafted

New York’s Aziza Nicole has been creating one-of-a-kind adornments since childhood, thanks to her mother encouraging her to explore her talents in order to create the things she desired for herself. A painter, sculptor, and builder, she’s now made a life of what she’s known for best: unisex adornments designed directly from her home studio, where she creates everything from cuffs to cuticle rings.

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Pholk Beauty

It’s no secret that winter can be taxing on our skin, especially for Black women who are prone to hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions that can be exacerbated by cold, dry weather. Vegan skincare brand Pholk Beauty seeks to address those issues and then some, without the hefty price tag.

“As a woman of color, I found myself often frustrated — and a little defensive — that even in the age of inclusive beauty many natural brands did not address my specific concerns of dark spots, oily/combination skin, and ingrown hairs. Not to mention the high price points of green products,” founder Niambi Cacchioli states on the Pholk Beauty website. “Pholk Beauty grew out of my sense of awe and gratitude at the timeless folk beauty and herbalist wisdom of my own kin, the cultivators and botanicals and minerals that have nourished our skin and souls for generations, and the multitude of ways that people of color infuse the globe with beauty.”

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