Ron DeSantis Tried To Out Psychopath Trump And It Backfired

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During his trip to New Hampshire, Gov. Ron DeSantis talked about slitting the throats of federal workers, and it did not go well.

New Hampshire Public Radio reported:

Throughout his trip to New Hampshire, he appeared bent on demonstrating that no candidate talks tougher. He promised that, under his presidency, Mexican drug cartels would be “shot stone cold dead,” and vowed that when it comes to federal bureaucrats, “we are going to start slitting throats on Day One.”

The crowd that listened to DeSantis at the Rye event, a barbeque, hosted by former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, was heavily Republican. And, by and large, DeSantis’ message went down fine. But not everyone liked the word choice, particularly the bit about slitting throats.

“If I was in charge of his PR, I would have said, ‘Don’t use that terminology,’” said Norm Olsen, a GOP primary voter from Portsmouth who describes himself as a “Sununu Republican.”

Ron DeSantis has the campaign skills of a stump. All the Florida governor is doing is watching what he thinks makes Trump successful and copying it. DeSantis seems to have no feel for voters and nothing of his own to offer. New Hampshire does not seem like the sort of place where talk of shooting people dead and slitting throats would not go well.

It is almost as if DeSantis took a look around and thought, ‘If you want a psychopath, watch this.’ The difference is that DeSantis is pretending to be a psychopath, and Trump is authentic. The vast majority of the current Republican Party like their psychos to be genuine.

The DeSantis campaign has enough cash to stick around the Republican presidential primary race for a while, but he may not make it past Super Tuesday.

Gov. Woke has been exposed as one of the greatest presidential primary flops of all time, and not even death threats against federal workers are helping.

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