Get Nostalgic With This LAST CHANCE TO REASON Set From 2011

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Last Chance To Reason released Level 3 in 2013 and then basically dropped off the face of the Earth. Which sucks because Last Chance To Reason was so uniquely technical and had such weird hooks that nobody else could quite emulate what they’d accomplished.

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They also crushed it live, as you’ll see from this December 16, 2011 show at the Greene Street Club in Greensboro, NC. Everyone in the band nailed it and vocalist Michael Lessard (now of The Contortionist) was nothing but on fire – please see the insane switch between screams around 1:23).

Last Chance To Reason was supposedly working on new material in 2019, so here’s hoping 2023 is the year. The show ran as follows:

00:25 – “Upload Complete”

05:40 – “Coded to Fail”

8:44 – “Taking Control”

10:50 – “Temp Files”

15:15 – “Programmed for battle

20:10 – “Portal” (not complete)

23:08 – “Apotheosis” (just outro)

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