Remarkable Stat: Biden Has Created 7 Times More Jobs In 3 Years Than Last 3 GOP Presidents Combined

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President Biden has put America on a post-COVID jobs boom that has led to his administration overseeing seven times more jobs than both Bushes and Trump combined.

With the news that the economy added 150,000 new jobs last month, Simon Rosenberg updated his presidential jobs report card:

Monthly Jobs Report thread….150,000 new jobs, a middling report. After months of Fed rate hikes, mighty US economy has begun to slow. My tracker:

33.8m jobs = 16 yrs Clinton, Obama

14m jobs = almost 3 yrs Biden

1.9m jobs = 16 years 2 Bushes, Trump 1/

— Simon Rosenberg (@SimonWDC) November 3, 2023

Fact: Trump’s Job Losses From Covid Mostly Recovered Before He Left Office

Some find fault with the jobs report card because of the impact of the pandemic, but according to, Trump’s jobs slippage started before COVID:

A record eight years and four months of monthly job gains — dating to October 2010 — ended February 2019, roughly a year before the pandemic. The U.S. lost 50,000 jobs that month. The U.S. would go on to add 2 million jobs in 2019, but that was the lowest annual growth since 2010.  

And then the novel coronavirus struck. In two months, March and April 2020, the U.S. economy lost a staggering 22.4 million jobs.

Most of those jobs (56%) would return before Trump left office. 

Trump’s job losses didn’t begin with COVID. They started the year as experts began warning that the U.S. was heading for a recession fueled by Trump’s tax cuts for the rich before the once-in-a-century pandemic.

Trump got to blame COVID, but in reality, his economic policies already had the U.S. in a recession.

Biden’s Jobs Record Is Historic

The Biden administration has not only guided the U.S. economy through the pandemic, but they have through a series of policies, encouraged long-term economic growth to rebuild the middle class in America. The Rust Belt has seen a manufacturing boom under Biden.

Biden has invested in clean energy infrastructure and is creating good jobs while reducing the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels.

America’s oldest president has been one of its most visionary and forward-thinking when it comes to the economy and jobs.

President Biden’s job record is not an accident, and it deserves more recognition than it gets.

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