GHOST ATLAS (ERRA) Announces Debut Album Dust Of The Human Shape, Streams First Single

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Ghost Atlas is the new melodic alt-rock band sculpted by the artistic hands of Erra‘s guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash. Its debut album, Dust of the Human Shape, is set to be released on January 26 via UNFD. You can get a first taste of the album by streaming the first single, “Lesser Gods”, below.

Comprised of 12 tracks, Dust Of The Human Shape serves as a canvas for Cash‘s fervent emotions and ideologies, inviting listeners to explore their own connections within the intricate musical landscape. The record is said to be “a harmonious blend of artistry and raw human sentiment, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of life experiences.”

Elaborating about the album’s musical direction, Cash said: “My goal when starting the instrumental for ‘Lesser Gods’ was to commit to a singular chord progression and maintain it throughout the entire song. I play with this idea on a few songs on the record. It just keeps your ear very locked into the vibe while challenging me to find other creative ways to introduce dynamic.

“In the case of this song, the most notable means is the time signature change in the bridge, when the rhythm progression switches to 7 beats per bar. It’s a little bit of trick I’m playing on the ear to bring some technicality and tension into the song. While the timing changes, the chord progression remains exactly the same to alleviate the change feeling forceful or distracting.”

Pre-order Dust of the Human Shape here.

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