GoFundMe Launched For The Memorial & Family Of CAYLE SAIN

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Twitching Tongues drummer Cayle Sain (who also played with Fuming Mouth, Ghostemane, Downpresser, Mizery, etc.) passed away earlier this week at 31 years old. A GoFundMe has now been launched to help with Sain‘s memorial and family, which you can donate to right here.

“Our beloved Cayle Sain has passed away suddenly and tragically at the age of 31,” reads the GoFundMe. “Cayle was a pillar of the hardcore punk music community, a master-level drummer and a great friend to anyone he so much as spoke to. If you knew him he loved you, and he’ll live forever through his countless recorded performances and beautiful memories he made with everyone he encountered.

Cayle is survived by his single mother, Kathy, his brother, Taylor and his girlfriend, Hailey. We’d like to support them in this trying time and give back to the family that gave us such a bright light in the world. The funds will contribute to his memorial and his family. Cayle Sain forever and always.

“Thank you for all of your love and support.”

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