House Democrats Release Evidence And Catch James Comer In A New Lie

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House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) has tried to claim that the National Archives is withholding Biden documents, but Democrats have released the evidence showing that Comer is lying.

Chairman Comer has been going on outlets like Fox News and Newsmax and making claims about the National Archives refusing to turn over documents related to his Hunter Biden investigation.

There is just one minor problem.

What Comer is claiming never happened.

House Oversight Democrats have released the letters from the National Archives to the Committee:

I’m sorry to say it but Chairman Comer didn’t tell the truth about obstruction when he claimed on TV that @USNatArchives is refusing to turn over information to our Committee. These letters from the Archivist disprove the lie:

— Oversight Committee Democrats (@OversightDems) September 8, 2023

The National Archives has explained to Comer how the process for obtaining requested documents works. For national security reasons, which everyone should be familiar with after the Trump classified documents case, there are strict procedures that are required to be followed before requested documents can be turned over.

The larger point is that nowhere in the letters above is it stated that the National Archives has rejected Comer’s request or is refusing to turn anything over. The opposite is true. The Archives told Comer numerous times that his request will be processed once legal procedures are followed.

Chair Comer lied because he needed to make it appear that President Biden was obstructing his investigation. It is a safe bet that House Republicans will try to impeach Biden for obstruction.

Comer has no evidence.

As he goes along, he seems to be making up this scandal, hoping to string together enough gibberish to get President Biden impeached. Rep. Comer has no evidence, and Democrats are disproving his lies.

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