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Infectious Grooves – the late ’80s funk metal band featuring Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo alongside Suicidal TendenciesMike Muir and Dean Pleasants – has one hell of a lineup for their Australian tour dates. Infectious Grooves has recruited former Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg to fill in for Brooks Wackerman, as well as ex-Infectious Grooves guitarist Dave Kushner (Velvet Revolver) for a bit of a reunion.

So far the only date announced is the Byron Bay Bluesfest on April 1, but it sounds like there’s more coming soon. So stay tuned!

“Warning Number One… This Ain’t No April Fool’s joke… but you definitely won’t be laughing if you miss out on Infectious Grooves April 1st at the Byron Bay Bluesfest!” wrote Infectious Grooves on their social media.

“Warning Number Two… Infectious Grooves is gonna bring a super special extra Funk and Punk and everything in between edition.

“Unfortunately our brother, drummer Brooks Wakerman was not available to do this run of shows due to Avenged Sevenfold dates.

“Drummer for IG is definitely not an easy gig to fill. Starting with Stephen Perkins (Infectious Grooves) on drums, then followed with a 17 year old Josh Freese (Foo Fighters etc) and then came a 14 year old Brooks (The Teenage Drum Sensation) Wakerman, IG has always been blessed with some amazing drummers.

“So Warning number Three… IG is beyond stoked and honored to be able to have the incredible Jay Weinberg to be the driving force as he beats the funk out of the drums on this run!

“‘It’s an absolute honor to play with the legendary Infectious Grooves on this incredibly exciting Australian tour! Playing with some of my favorite musicians, in one of the most beautiful countries, for some of the greatest fans of heavy music in the world…I couldn’t be more thrilled to get started. See you all soon!’- Jay

“Rounding out the band, on guitar will be a bit of reunion. Dave Kushner (Velvet Revolver etc) played on some of the first IG album.

“He’ll be reuniting with IG for these dates also. Dave is a good friend and we are all looking forward to getting on stage and having a blast, and giving a big dose of the Infectious Grooves!

“Warning number Five… (yes, we skipped warning number 4, we’ll save that for later, lol)…

“Super limited dates due to everyone’s schedule. We’d love to do a massive run of dates, but it’s not possible with everyone’s schedule. These are short notice, but we jumped at the opportunity to lock some dates in at this time.

“So when the rest of the dates are announced, be there or be prepared to let your friends tell you what you missed out.

“Needless to say, Robert Trujillo, Mike Muir and Dean Pleasants are beyond stoked to welcome Jay Weinberg and Dave Kushner in for this event (and a few more soon to be announced shows)!”

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