Bombshell Witness Transcript Obliterates James Comer’s Biden Impeachment Case

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It is now 2024, and House Republicans have still not held a single Biden impeachment hearing, and the testimony of Kevin Morris is an example of why.

According to the full transcript of Morris’s testimony:

When I first met Hunter, he was emerging from the lowest point in his life. He’s had a lot of low points. At this time he had no income and his wife Melissa was 5 months pregnant. Although he was being harassed by paparazzi, as well as people coming onto his property and threatening him, he had no security protection.

In general, I was concerned that Hunter did not have the level of support he needed. I stepped in to assist.

I have worked hard to create a life that has allowed me to help my family and friends when they have needed it, and I did so with Hunter. In addition to legal advice and friendship, over the course of the past four years I have loaned Hunter money to help him through his difficulties. When needed, at all times, we each have had our separate attorneys advise us on these transactions.

With respect to the loans, I am confident that Hunter will repay. I did not and do not have any expectations of receiving anything from Hunter’s father or the Biden administration in exchange from helping Hunter, nor have I asked for anything from President Biden or his administration. My only goal was and is to help my friend and client.

A final word. This is America, and in this country there is no prohibition against helping a friend in need, despite the incapacity of some to imagine such a thing.

Morris’s testimony suggests that the Hunter Biden situation isn’t some dark tale of money, corruption, power, and bribery. Republicans are taking advantage of a person who made what sounds like are some pretty big mistakes at the lowest point of his life.

The lines up with that of other witnesses. There was no money for favors corruption involving President Biden.

There is a great deal of evidence that money for favors appears to be exactly what was going on in the Trump administration.

No public impeachment hearings have been held since the Biden impeachment investigation was authorized. None are currently scheduled.

The full testimony reveals that there is nothing to the Biden impeachment investigation, but that won’t stop Trump and MAGA Republicans from trying to fool voters with smoke and mirrors.

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