KERRY KING Unveils The Producer For His New Album, Talks Songwriting

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Slowly but surely, we’re learning more about Kerry King‘s mysterious solo project. King revealed in a new interview with Consequence that his band’s debut album was producer by Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God, Megadeth, Gojira, etc.), who he’s never worked with before.

“The producer is Josh Wilbur, it’s my first time working with him, and we hit it off great,” said King. “Can’t wait to work on another one with him, and he feels the same way about the project, so hopefully that gets going sooner rather than later. Super easy to work with. The guy is a wizard on the computer. I mean when we’re in there editing stuff or overdubbing anything, I’ll do my part, or the singer or whoever is doing their fix or whatever, and he’ll just go back and forth on the computer a few times, go ‘Here, how’s that?’ I’m thinking, ‘I have no fucking idea where you are dude. He’s so quick, so easy to work with. It was spectacular.”

King‘s new band recently announced their first-ever show at Welcome To Rockville 2024 as well as unveiled their logo. As for who’s in the band, King remains tight lipped. All we know for certain thus far are two things – former Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph is absolutely in the band, and former Slayer guitarist Gary Holt really wishes we’d stop insinuating he’s in the band.

As for his writing process, King said in the same interview: “It was very similar [to writing with Slayer]. First and foremost, I wrote most of the last Slayer record, so people know what I sound like, people know how I write. This one I did one-hundred percent of, so if you’ve ever liked anything I’ve done in the past, there’s going to be something you’re going to like on this one, if not the whole thing. I love the whole thing.”

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