Kevin McCarthy Disgraces Himself With Hunter Biden Plea Deal Reaction

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reacted disgracefully to the news that Hunter Biden will plead guilty to two misdemeanors.


The Speaker first tried to claim that the Trump and Hunter Biden cases are the same, ” My first reaction is that it is continuing to show the two-tier system in America. If you are the president’s leading political opponent, the DOJ is going to try to put you in jail and give you prison time, but if you are the president’s son, you will not. And so, the DOJ should not be able to withhold any information because of the pending investigation, and they should provide  Chairman Comer with any information.”

McCarthy said when asked about the Hunter Biden plea deal, “Do you believe it is  fair that a sweetheart deal will be given to a president’s son and compared to other individuals in America who have the same accusations against them and same crimes they have been guilty of that they would be proposed 10 years and given the same time period.”

The Speaker then embarrassingly repeated the debunked Russian disinformation Biden bribery allegation.

McCarthy said that House Republicans are going to continue to investigate Hunter Biden. 

There are a few big differences between Trump and Hunter Biden. The president’s son has never been in government or an elected official. Hunter Biden has never obstructed justice or violated The Espionage Act or obstructed justice. There is no comparison between Donald Trump and Hunter Biden.

Kevin McCarthy used his platform as the Speaker of the House to smear the President Of The United States and his family. McCarthy revealed long ago that he has no shame.

The Speaker is embarrassing the House and the country with his shameless pandering to the feelings of Trump.

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