Kevin McCarthy Tried To Rally House Republicans Against Shutdown And It Blew Up In His Face

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy tried to rally House Republicans to stand together against a government shutdown, and it did not go well.

The scene:

Told McCarthy sounds calm but talking quickly

He’s offering a go-team message, saying along lines of: “We have to walk out of here together and be stronger the next day.”

— Olivia Beavers (@Olivia_Beavers) September 29, 2023

Kevin McCarthy is blaming the government shutdown on Democrats:

It is like McCarthy thinks that the American people are idiots. Democrats have been talking for months about the need to keep the government open, while McCarthy’s House Republicans have been downplaying a government shutdown and saying that it won’t be so bad.

Kevin McCarthy can’t rally the House Republican troops because he is not in charge. Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Matt Gaetz are running the House. McCarthy is just a guy with the title but no power.

Speaker McCarthy could make sure that there was no government shutdown tonight by passing the Senate-passed Continuing Resolution. He won’t do it because MAGA House Republicans will file a motion to vacate and book him from the speakership.

House Republicans are fighting a battle that they definitely won’t win, and the biggest losers in a government shutdown are the American people.

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