KORN’s BRIAN “HEAD” WELCH Launches His New Label, XOVR Records

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Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch and his longtime personal manager David W. Williams have just started their new record label XOVR Records (pronounced Crossover Records). The label is kicking things off with the long-awaited tenth album from Spoken featuring Welch‘s Love And Death guitarist and bandmate, JR Bareis.

“It is a complete pleasure to work together with my long time friend and solo manager David Williams to start XOVR,” said Welch of the label. “I am equally excited to work on our first release with Spoken, featuring our brother JR from Love And Death.

“Led by our bro Matt Baird, Spoken has been one of the hardest working bands in rock ‘n’ roll; they have an incredible reputation for grinding it out because they love what they do so much. I can’t wait for everyone to hear Spoken‘s latest release, it is truly an epic album! Follow us to keep up to date about future projects we’ll be releasing through XOVR, including the band Dose Of Adolescence, coming in 2024!”

Spoken‘s new record is called Reflection and is due out on March 15. You can check out the title track below and pre-order the record here.

“Remembering our past should shape us, but never define us, especially if the past brings disappointment, heartache, or pain. Instead, we embrace the lessons learned, and move forward believing our future is alive,” said the band.

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