Letitia James Demolishes Trump As He Flees Fraud Trial

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New York AG Letitia James hammered Donald Trump and called out his race-baiting publicity stunt after the former president left his fraud trial.

James said:

Trump’s comments were offensive, they were baseless. They were void of any facts and/or any evidence. What they were were comments that unfortunately fomented violence and comments that I would describe as race-baiting, and comments unfortunately that appeals to the bottom of our humanity.

This case was brought simply because it was a case where individuals have engaged in a pattern and practice of fraud, and I will not sit idly by and allow anyone to subvert the law, and lastly, I will not be bullied, and so Mr. Trump is no longer here. The Donald Trump show over. This was nothing more than a political stunt.


It isn’t a coincidence that as soon as Trump was hit with a gag order, he hopped on his plane and hightailed it out of Manhattan. His non-mandatory attendance at the trial was about getting media attention and raising money.

The Trump campaign has been very open about their goals of using the trials as a political and fundraising platform.

As soon as Trump could hold court outside the courtroom and say whatever he wanted, he had no reason to stick around.

The Donald Trump show has been canceled in Manhattan, and the former president is one criminal felony conviction away from potentially having his circus of division and hate shut down permanently.

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