MAUL’s New Song “The Sacred And The Profane” Is Just Brutal

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Maul will release their 20 Buck Spin debut EP Desecration And Enchantment on November 17, and is now streaming the scorching debut single “The Sacred And The Profane”.

Desecration And Enchantment is three-songs long, one of which will only be included on the cassette version of the record and not available anywhere digitally. Desecration And Enchantment were captured in May 2023 at Signaturetone Recordings in Minneapolis (Ulthar, Obsequiae, Sunless), recorded, mixed, and mastered by Adam Tucker. The songs feature guest synth and sample work by Isthmus Ov Styx, and is completed with cover artwork by S. Deloria Black Wolf.

Desecration And Enchantment is available for pre-order here.

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