Meet James Peters, The Mindset Coach Who Helps You Become The Best Version Of Yourself After Adversity

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James Peters is a certified Jay Shetty Transformational Mindset Coach, and he uses his skills to help individuals lean into the highest version of themselves 

After undergoing a life-changing tragedy, James Peters miraculously turned his life around. Today he is a certified transformational mindset coach, and he helps individuals become the best version of themselves after facing adversity, just as he did. His story is proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if you don’t see it right away.

In 2017 James lost both his father and his son within a span of six months. He slipped into a deep bout of depression, and to make matters worse, was accused of a crime he did not commit. With the possibility of going to jail lingering over him, James’ life as he knew it was falling apart. 

“I was in a dark place with far too many thoughts of ending the pain and suffering,” he shares. James was in therapy at the time and was diagnosed with PTSD and prescribed medications including Prozac, painkillers, and sleeping pills. However, he says this did not help at all, in fact, it made it worse.

“Keeping myself together for the trial was near impossible. The idea of having everyone I know speak ill of me and think that I was some kind of criminal, on top of just losing the two most important men in my life was too much,” he says. “For months on end, I didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. It never seemed to get better.” 

The medication wasn’t working for him, and neither was his therapy and so in 2018 James quit them both. Yet shortly after, something happened that changed his outlook on the situation, and ultimately the trajectory of his life forever.

“As I was holding a picture of my son, still deep in depression, I thought about what he would think of me giving up, throwing in the towel, and joining him so soon,” he says. At that moment James realized there were only two directions he could go. Either he could choose to identify with the path of victimhood, blaming, and depression, which he said left no room for growth. Or, he could choose the path of responsibility, love, purpose, and happiness, and the choice became clear to him. At that very moment, he made a vow to his son and himself that he would live the best life he possibly could, one filled with purpose, happiness, growth, and contribution to others. “That way I can help people who have had, and are currently dealing with, terrible tragedies like mine,” he said. 

With a newfound purpose, James felt there must be a better and more holistic way to heal that doesn’t involve harmful medications. Through his research, he learned that a healthy brain requires a balance between the primal limbic system and the more recently evolved prefrontal cortex, and if one of those areas is over or underactive, it causes problems such as ADHD, addiction, depression or anxiety. With that information, he set out to find natural ways to get better. James learned that viewing his experiences and emotions from an outside perspective could give himself the compassion he needed to truly live with love. 

The first step James took to focus on his thoughts involved writing them down. “Thoughts rush constantly through my mind and can disappear before I am able to fully process them. So, I slowed down my thinking through meditation and wrote down my thoughts,” he explains. “Doing that allowed me to examine them critically and rewrite my own story with a commitment towards improving my mental health,” he adds. 

Soon enough, James decided to take his passion for wellness to others, and his next stage involved becoming a mindset coach. “I wanted to learn as much as humanly possible to be able to help others achieve the same amazing result,” he says. “As I sit here today, I am completely transformed from my previous self. No medication, no therapist, no psychoanalysis, and best of all, not a trace of depression,” he continues. He empowers people to bounce forward from adversity to live a life of freedom, fulfillment and purpose. 

James teaches his clients to disconnect from past versions of themselves that no longer serve them and work on changing the context of their lives. He helps them to express authentic gratitude, and obtain a growth mindset. “Life gives us challenges to grow. Take them, learn, grow and flourish, my friend. Then you’re best equipped to help others on their journey,” he concludes. 

James Peters is a Certified Jay Shetty Transformational Mindset Coach, and if you want to learn more about how he can help you on your journey, access his free guide here, or book a 30-minute Discovery Call with him today. Most importantly, remember that just because you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

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