NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS & POLYPHIA Among Artists Leading The Charge For Eco-Friendly Vinyl Pressings

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Legendary grindcore pioneers Napalm Death are known for being vocal champions for social, environmental, and political causes. Now, they’re putting their money where their mouth is with the release of a limited-edition eco-friendly pressing of their iconic 1990 album Harmony Corruption.

This special edition will be released on Greenyl, the first-ever PVC-free vinyl alternative, made from a 100% recyclable polymer compound. The innovative material promises the same high-quality sound experience as traditional vinyl, but with a significantly lower environmental impact.

Such a project is called Be the Change and was conceived and developed by Greenyl and Rude Cares. They are selecting artists until the end of 2024 who share their vision, and produce exclusive and limited Green variants of their catalog LPs to offer to fans globally.

Other metal and rock giants like Carcass (Heartwork), Enter Shikari (Common Dreads), and Polyphia (New Levels New Devils) are also releasing albums on Greenyl, showing their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Keep your eyes peeled for additional notifications regarding pre-orders at this location. This also comes at a time right after one music exec. called for the end of physical media due to its contribution to pollution. So maybe this is the alternative?

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