PARADISE LOST Streams Re-Recorded Version Of “True Belief”

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Paradise Lost completely re-recorded their 1993 album Icon for its 30th birthday and the more we listen to the tracks they have shared so far, the more we like the result, which certainly holds a candle against the original. You can listen to the new version of “True Belief” below and pre-order the new version of Icon here before it drops tomorrow.

According to Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes, they had to resort to re-record the album because they never had the rights to the music or the artwork as per the record deal at the time: “Our specific record deal around the time we signed for the Icon album meant we would never actually own the rights to our music or artwork, so going forward, to reissue the album ourselves for the 30th anniversary, it was necessary to re-record and completely re-do the album cover.”

“Re-recording Icon has not only enabled us to release it as a series of collectors editions on vinyl but it was also great to revisit some songs from a lifetime ago. Nothing can replace those original recordings or ever will, they are a nostalgic part of all our lives but it has been a lot of fun revisiting those early MFN days once again, and I hope the result displays that!” Holmes added.

Icon 30 is also Paradise Lost‘s first effort with new drummer Guido Zima Montanarini, who joined earlier this year after their former drummer Waltteri Väyrynen became Opeth‘s official stickman in 2022.

Paradise Lost has two special UK shows lined up with My Dying Bride for this December. Get your tickets here.

12/1 London, UK – Shepherds Bush Empire

12/14 Bradford, UK – St. George’s

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