POLYPHIA & MESHUGGAH Might Have A Collaborative New Song Coming Up

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If everything clears legally.

Polyphia Meshuggah

Polyphia just released their new album Remember That You Will Die in October, but they’re already eyeing up their next release with some rather interesting guests.

Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson recently told Metal Hammer (by way of Guitar World) that new music is coming this summer and it might feature Meshuggah and bass prodigy Thundercat. “Hopefully we can get everything cleared legally,” said Henson said of the guests. “There are going to be a lot of features. The sky’s the limit.”

This of course raises a lot of questions. Will the material feature all of Meshuggah or just their guitarists? Will Thundercat be on the Meshuggah song? Because that would be killer. And perhaps most importantly – can our brains handle that much technicality at once? Only time will tell… and if the lawyers allow it.

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