Rachel Maddow Uses Leprosy To Destroy Ron DeSantis

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Rachel Maddow said that Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to make America like Florida, but part of the problem in Florida is Leprosy.

Maddow said:

The strongest wind in his sails for the purpose of motivating the conservative Republican base has been his claim that he would make America more like Florida. Make America Florida again. Ron Desantis‘ pitch for the presidency has basically been at its most successful, that his leadership in Florida is a success story. He’s been electorally successful in Florida. He’s won re-election by a lot there. If you put him in charge in Washington, he would do the same thing for the whole country and he could put in place the kind of governance he’s been able to pursue in Florida because he’s been so successful there. That has been the sort of best version of Ron DeSantis’ pitch to be President Of The United States.

The problem is that part of the reality of what’s actually going on in Florida under Ron DeSantis is leprosy. Now they have got leprosy. Not a metaphor, actual leprosy. Headlines, Central Florida is a hot spot for leprosy, report says. Headline, what’s behind the increase in leprosy cases in Florida? Headline, as leprosy cases rise in Florida, what you must know about the infectious disease. So Florida has a leprosy problem,

Florida also has a malaria problem. Headline, alert issued after locally acquired malaria cases confirmed in Florida. Headline, malaria confirmed in Florida. Mosquitoes after several human cases. Headline, health officials say Florida malaria cases contacted and transmitted in Sarasota which hasn’t happened since the 1950s. So poor Florida. Not good news, right? Leprosy and malaria both, A.  in America, B. in the 21st century, and C. in the same state at the same time. Terrible news for Florida.

But particularly terrible news because it’s happening at a time when Ron DeSantis is the governor of Florida because under Ron DeSantis as governor of Florida, Florida state government is missing its top two public health officials who would be responsible for containing outbreaks and dealing with emerging epidemics. Florida doesn’t have anybody in those jobs anymore. Because who on Earth would want to be a public health official working for Governor Ron DeSantis, whose whole Make America Florida gambit is largely based more than anything else on him being a covid contrarian, who insisted covid wasn’t a thing, and hand-picked a surgeon general for the state after the man came forward as a group of quacks who insisted some disease is caused by sex with demons and if we could just get a handle on that problem, then why would you need vaccines? Stop it with the demon sex, you perverts.

Video of Maddow:

If Ron DeSantis is offering America Leprosy, Malaria, and crazy covid deniers in charge of public health, voters should probably take a pass. DeSantis is supposed to be the saner Republican alternative to Trump, but it turns out that he is really no different. Sure, DeSantis isn’t facing roughly 80 felony counts and he has yet to be indicted, but in terms of governing, Ron DeSantis isn’t kidding when he claims to be Trump without the Trump.

Unfortunately, he means it in all of the bad ways in which Trump governed.

Vote Ron DeSantis who promises to deliver a Leper in every house.

80% of all Leprosy cases in the United States are coming from Florida. 

That is a statistic that DeSantis won’t be mentioning in Iowa and New Hampshire while on the stump.

A vote for a Republican in Donald Trump’s party is too often not a vote for a conservative government, but a government that could make you sick or kill you.

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