Republicans Are Wrong To Call For A Special Counsel To Investigate Biden Classified Docs

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Republicans, like Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), continue to intentionally miss the point that the Biden and Trump classified document situations are not the same thing.

Hawley tweeted after the news that Biden’s aides found more classified documents at a second location from his time as vice president and turned them over to the National Archives:

Special counsel

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) January 11, 2023

As a former state attorney general, Hawley knows that what he is pushing is partisan BS.

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Donald Trump took classified documents, lied to the National Archives and the FBI about having them, refused to turn them over when it was uncovered that he did have them, lied about turning the documents over, resisted efforts to get the documents back, and required the FBI to seize the documents from his property.

President Biden’s team uncovered the classified documents, turned them over to the National Archives, did an exhaustive search, found more documents, and turned those over too.

There would not be a Special Counsel investigating Trump if he did not declare his candidacy in a bid to avoid an indictment.

The Special Counsel only became necessary when Trump announced his third run for president. Until Biden files the paperwork to be a 2024 candidate, there is no need for a special counsel.

Republicans are trying to muddy the waters and push a false equivalency, but people need to be smart and understand that the two situations have little in common outside of basic circumstances.

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