Republicans Disgrace The House By Voting To Remove Rep. Ilhan Omar From Foreign Affairs Committee

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In an act of embarrassing petty partisan retribution, House Republicans voted to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Video of the conclusion of the vote:

More petty revenge politics as House Republicans vote to remove @Ilhan from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) February 2, 2023

The vote was 218-211-1. All the votes to remove Rep. Omar were from the Republican side of the aisle. One Republican voted present. Every Democrat voted against removing Omar. Kevin McCarthy couldn’t make any sort of case for why Omar should be removed from the committee. He would only say that she should not be on the committee, which one suspects is code for Donald Trump wants to punish her for being a powerful woman who speaks her mind.

Omar holds some views that aren’t mainstream, and not every Democrat agrees with her, but she did nothing to deserve being removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee. In the last Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene was removed from her committee assignments for making terroristic threats through a bipartisan vote.

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Rep. Omar should not have been removed from the committee. Her removal was more pandering to the far right that is running the House Republican caucus through their puppet Kevin McCarthy.

In the less than a month that they have been in the majority, House Republicans have passed no legislation to help the American people. The GOP majority has done nothing but grandstand, pass meaningless message bills, and settle scores.

The people have been removed from The People’s House.

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