Rudy Giuliani Is So Broke That He Might Not Be Able To Afford Defense Lawyers In Georgia

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Trump is keeping Rudy Giuliani close, presumably to deter him from flipping, but Trump’s former lawyer is so broke he might not be able to afford defense lawyers in Georgia.

CNN reported in a piece on the Trump/Giuliani relationship:

Legal bills for the Fulton County case could easily add millions to Giuliani’s tab. Prosecutors told Judge Scott McAfee Wednesday that they expect the Georgia trial will last approximately four months and they intend to call more than 150 witnesses. Giuliani is currently represented in the Georgia case by attorneys Brian Tevis and David Wolfe, as well as New York based attorney John Esposito.

But it is still unclear if Giuliani will be able to come up with the money to retain his defense team.

Giuliani is also a defendant in the Smartmatic voting systems lawsuit that could cost him millions more in legal fees. Rudy Giuliani’s big donors have already cut him off, and the fundraiser that Trump is holding for the former New York mayor is not expected to come anywhere near being enough to cover his legal bills.

From a practical point of view, these developments mean that Giuliani is under pressure to make these legal cases go away while spending the least amount of money possible.

For now, Giuliani is staying loyal to Trump, but if things get even more dire, it would not be surprising to see Rudy Giuliani begin to cut deals to save his own skin.

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