Republicans Hand Democrats The House By Electing Mike Johnson Speaker

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House Republicans finally gave up and voted for a person that nobody knows, who has no enemies in the House, and who does not have any of the tools or skills needed to help Republicans win in 2024.

No Republicans voted against Rep. Mike Johnson.

Mike Johnson is an anti-freedom extremist who was a driving force behind the overturn of Roe by pushing Trump to put Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. Rep. Johnson is all in on the Trump-rigged election conspiracies, and he refuses to say if he will support aid to Ukraine, which is money that the US uses to replenish its stockpile and create jobs in 38 states.

House Republicans elected a guy who they claim doesn’t like the “politics” side of things but is more interested in “policy.”

Johnson hasn’t done national media. He is not a face of the House kind of person who will carry the Republican argument to the American people. Johnson also isn’t a great fundraiser, so unlike a McCarthy or a Jordan, he is not going to be able to fill the coffers of endangered House Republican incumbents. This point is critical and often overlooked because Donald Trump is going to suck up every Republican donor dollar available, so don’t be surprised if, by the fall of 2024, there are stories about House Republican incumbents who don’t have the money to compete with Democratic challengers.

Mike Johnson Is A Warm Body In The Chair That Can Get The House Open

House Republicans needed somebody with a pulse that everyone else didn’t hate who could get the House open again. Mike Johnson is the definition of a placeholder.

Rep. Johnson isn’t qualified to be Speaker.

The bigger picture is that Republicans have gone from being a red state dependent party to with Johnson having to depend on Steve Scalise also from Louisiana, they are a one state leadership party in the House. The GOP has somehow found a way to make its party even smaller.

By electing Johnson instead of attempting to find someone who can lead them and govern, House Republicans are surrendering. They are waving the white flag, admitting that they can’t govern, and paving the way for Democrats to take back the House so that Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) will be the next Speaker.

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