Ron Bauer, Founder Of Theseus Capital, Is Sharing His Decades Of Business Wisdom With Entrepreneurs Globally

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With 22 years of experience in starting up, raising money and taking companies public, investor, serial entrepreneur and visionary, Ron Bauer is now shifting his focus to coaching and mentoring a few select entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground, find investors, and eventually go public.

Ron Bauer shares his wisdom easily. Chatting with him, it is evident that he is a very knowledgeable man. He speaks about the current energy crisis, the need for reform in health care, and the future of remote working with complete authority. His visionary insight and thoughts on the ever changing world of business have been featured in articles worldwide. He is a sought-after thought leader, and his insight into the new world of working is revolutionary.

With over two decades of business experience, investing in companies, helping them raise money and assisting them to go public, Bauer has seen it all. He has made the mistakes, learnt the lessons, and bounced back from his failures. With all this experience, Bauer has launched Theseus Capital and is now offering unique hands on guidance to founders and entrepreneurs wanting to take their businesses to the next level. By providing one-on-one coaching and mentoring that will help them to eventually take their company public, Bauer is opening a whole new world to founders and entrepreneurs who want to make their businesses successful and sustainably so. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Bauer started playing the stock market when he was 16. With an inherent interest in business, he took a high school economics class and had to take part in a local stock challenge in cooperation with a national newspaper and brokerage house looking to teach students about the stock market. “That’s what really got me interested in the stock market,” he says. He was so successful in the stock market challenge that he started assisting his family with their investments. “My father let me guide him on investments in his retirement account. My grandfather gave me money to trade my own account. Trading the markets became a passion of mine. My friends were reading Sports Illustrated and Playboy while I was reading Northern Miner and the Financial Post.” 

From these humble beginnings, Bauer has since taken dozens of companies public on global stock exchanges such as the NASDAQ, TSX Venture, the CSE and the LSE. He has assisted multiple founders and entrepreneurs by being actively involved in the whole life cycle of an investment – from early stage seed capital to the investment companies’ eventual exit. He has helped these companies raise $100’s of millions of dollars in capital and celebrated a successful exit with a multi-billion dollar market cap.

With this impressive track record, it makes sense that his focus is now on helping a select few founders and entrepreneurs to build their businesses by mentoring, coaching and guiding them. And unlike the plethora of coaches out there, Bauer offers an entirely different level of experience. Not only does he know what to do to raise money and get a company public, but he also has trustworthy and dependable contacts and knows what mistakes to avoid in the journey from start-up to exit. 

Working with Bauer is an investment: It is an investment in the business and a personal investment for the founder and entrepreneur. “You can go public yourself,” explains Bauer. “You can interview multiple lawyers, auditors and accountants. You can cold call a bunch of underwriters and bankers. But there are going to be inherent risks and potential flaws. I have a number of connections. I know who is good and who is bad. I know who’s full of garbage and who is honest. I know how much you should pay the lawyers, auditors, accountants, and underwriters. Because I have completed this journey so many times myself. We have learned from our own mistakes at our own expense. This will make your process more efficient and economical. Everyone will tell you they can raise the money, but I’m connected to the ones who are actually successful in each sector. Let’s just say I have a Little Black Book of Contacts that is priceless!”

It is his experience and knowledge, and the Little Black Book of Contacts he has that sets him apart from the usual type of coaches who are guiding entrepreneurs from textbook experience rather than the school of life. This is unlike any offering out there. With all that Bauer has to offer and the requests being made to work with him, he has made his time available by application only. Founders and Entrepreneurs will need to apply to work with him, and after successful selection of a few founders, you will get to work with Bauer in one-on-one sessions. 

“If an entrepreneur meets certain requirements, I can work with them to raise money and help take their company public,” says Bauer.  “I have broken it down into a really simple process. I’m there to guide them and hold their hand throughout the whole journey. I’m a very hands-on guy, so I am involved in the entire process.” In the last two years alone, Bauer took five companies public and helped them raise over $200-million collectively. With his track record, being mentored and guided by him is sure to increase your chances of success in a fraction of the time that it would take for an entrepreneur to do it on their own.

By learning from the mistakes Bauer has made in his career, and leveraging off the wealth of knowledge and Little Black Book of Contacts he has, a founder and entrepreneur can save themselves millions of dollars, simply by following the process he has to offer. He has done this with multiple business owners and will continue to do so into the future.

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