Ron DeSantis Claims Colorado Disqualification Is A Democratic Plot To Help Trump

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Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed that Democrats kicked Trump off the ballot in Colorado to make sure that he can’t win the Republican nomination.

DeSantis said:

Here’s the larger thing of what the left and the media and the Democrats are doing. They’re doing all this stuff to solidify support in the primary for him, get him into the general, and the whole general election will be all this legal stuff. and look, it’s unfair. They’re abusing power 100%.

But the question is, is that going to work? And I think they have a playbook that unfortunately will work. And it’ll give Biden or the Democrat or whoever the ability to skate through this thing. That’s their plan. That’s what they want. They don’t want to have somebody like me who will make the election not about all those other issues, but it’ll make the election about the failures of Biden.

That’s their plan.


Desantis rolls out his first hot take on the CO court decision against Trump this morning. He claims this is an elaborate plot by Democrats because they want Trump to be the nominee and not Desantis because they think he will be harder to beat.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) December 20, 2023

Kicking Trump off of the ballot secretly helps Trump because people can’t vote him. Even though not having Trump on the ballot should help Ron DeSantis, who people could actually vote for.

DeSantis is probably going to be long gone from the race for the Republican presidential nomination before the Colorado primary, but instead of arguing that the disqualification is a reason for Republicans not to support Trump, Ron DeSantis is claiming that Trump’s removal from the ballot is actually a plot to get him.

It is a weak, loser argument that perfectly encapsulates why Ron DeSantis is a failed presidential candidate.

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