Republican Impeachment Collapses As New Witness Testifies To Biden Innocence

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A new witness confirmed to Republican House impeachment investigators that she had no knowledge of President Biden being involved in his family’s business dealings.

USA Today reported:

The committee on Monday interviewed Carol Fox, a trustee for Americore, a now bankrupt healthcare company. She was asked about her knowledge of the president’s brother, James Biden, and a $600,000 loan Americore gave to James Biden.

Fox, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the interview, said she possessed no knowledge that the president was directly involved in those dealings.

A part of the $600,000 loan that GOP investigators have zeroed in on was a $200,000 loan Americore deposited in the personal bank accounts of James Biden and his wife, Sara Biden, on March 1, 2018. On that same day, James Biden issued a check to the president of $200,000 noted as a “loan repayment.”

Fox, according to another source familiar with the investigation, had no role in tracking the money to subsequent transferors, in this case, Joe Biden in 2018.

Bank records previously reviewed by USA TODAY suggest that the payment was indeed a loan repayment. On Jan. 12, 2018, the president made a wire transfer of $200,000 to James Biden through a bank account maintained by his personal attorney.

Another day means another witness confirming to House Republicans that President Biden did nothing wrong. The paper trail shows that the check labeled a loan repayment really was a loan repayment. How the President’s brother got the money isn’t relevant to the Republican claims that Joe Biden was influence peddling or involved in a pay-to-play scheme.

Witnesses keep testifying to House Republican investigators that Joe Biden is innocent, but that isn’t stopping the GOP from trying to impeach the President.

House Republicans will never admit that they have nothing.

The paper trail and the witness testimony are pointing in the same direction.

There was no bribery. There was no influence peddling.

There are no grounds to impeach Joe Biden.

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