Ron DeSantis Gets Outed As A Massive God Fraud

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As a presidential candidate, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has wrapped himself in the evangelical movement, but in private DeSantis is a massive fraud.

NBC News reported:

Many elected officials choose to be sworn into office on a religious text with some sort of personal meaning. But for DeSantis, this moment was preceded by scrambling by campaign and inauguration staffers caught off-guard when DeSantis, who is Catholic, told them his family did not own a Bible and he did not care whether he used one with historical significance, five former aides said.

Staff members for DeSantis had to buy a Bible for $21.74 on Amazon and have it shipped to the Republican Party of Florida headquarters less than a week before his inauguration, according to a receipt of the transaction shared with NBC News.

“People are typically sworn in on something that is historic — a family Bible or something with historic value,” a former DeSantis staffer said. “It was profoundly strange that he did not care at all and treated it like it was nothing.”

Just like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis appears to be a massive God fraud. DeSantis, who is Catholic, but has engaged in a non-stop courtship of evangelicals appears to be just like Donald Trump. The former president says all the right things to evangelicals in public, but has reportedly mocked them in private for their faith, and views right-wing evangelicals as just another constituency to be appeased.

Right-wing evangelical voters have not seemed to care if Trump and DeSantis are genuine in their faith. They only care about the transactional politics of the relationship.

President Biden is a person of devoted faith who attends church every week, but right-wing evangelicals support Donald Trump.

Faith doesn’t seem to matter to these people, and the picture that is being painted of Ron DeSantis is one of a man who has no core beliefs or values.

Gov. DeSantis looks to be as inauthentic as his height in shoes.

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