Ron DeSantis Is Going Down In Flames, So His Doing An Interview With CNN

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Gov. Ron DeSantis has failed with his war on woke and mini-Trump campaign, so he is turning to CNN to save his dying presidential bid.

CNN reported that DeSantis has agreed to an interview with Jake Tapper:

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis will sit down with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday for an exclusive interview, the network announced Sunday.

As the Florida governor travels across the country for his presidential bid, Tapper will talk to DeSantis following a campaign event in Columbia, South Carolina. The interview will air on “The Lead” on Tuesday, July 18, at 4 p.m. ET.

Ron DeSantis has refused to go on non-conservative media throughout his shadow and official presidential campaign, so the announcement that he has agreed to go on CNN suggests that the DeSantis campaign knows that it is in trouble and they are trying to right the ship.

DeSantis has been 2024’s GOP presidential candidate version of Scott Walker. Gov. DeSantis as a presidential candidate is an idea that has been much better in theory than in practice.

Ron DeSantis has been a weird candidate. He was an early darling of the Murdochs who do not want the Republican Party to go through another doomed presidential election with Trump, but the bloom quickly fell off DeSantis. The Florida governor’s polling numbers have dropped, and his fundraising has slowed.

Fox News seems to have soured on Ron DeSantis, so now he is turning to CNN to revive his quickly dying campaign.

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