ROTTING CHRIST Announces New Album, Central & South American Tour

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Rotting Christ has announced their first new record in five years ΠΡΟ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥ (Before Christ in English), due out May 24. While no single is available yet, you can check out the artwork and newly-announced Central and South American tour dates below. Get your tickets here.

“This album was inspired by the might of ancient pagan wisdom”, said Rotting Christ guitarist and vocalist Sakis Tolis. “It’s a tribute to those who resisted the coming of Christianity, which destroyed all the values, traditions and knowledge of the ancient world.”

2/6 – Monterrey, MX

2/7 – Torreon, MX

2/9 – Chihuahua, MX

2/10 – Ciudad Juarez, MX

2/11 – Guadalajara, MX

2/13 – Leon, MX

2/14 – San Luis Potosi, MX

2/16 – Queretaro, MX

2/17 – Mexico City, MX

2/18 – Toluca, MX

2/21 – Bogota, Colombia

2/23 – Santiago, Chile

2/24 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

2/27 – La Paz, Bolivia

2/29 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

3/2 – Brasilia, Brazil

3/3 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

ROTTING CHRIST Announces New Album, Central & South American Tour

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