Save The Date: KISS’ First Avatar Show Is Happening In 2027

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Get out your planners because Kiss is doing their first avatar shows in 2027! You do know what your 2027 looks like already, right? No word on if this is a single show or a residency, or a full-on tour – all we know is digital Kiss is up to something roughly three years in the future.

As for the Kiss avatars themselves, all we know is that Kiss frontman Gene Simmons recently said they’re gonna get “better” and that there’s $200 million going into them. Which is a weird comment given nobody has seen these things in action yet, but hey – they’re gonna get better than whatever you think they are right now, or something.

“They’re gonna get better, that animated stuff,” said Simmons. He then added: “There’s so much being planned, even beyond my comprehension. But they’re spending, oh, about 200 million [dollars] to take it to the next level.”

One thing is for certain, though – ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley isn’t a fan of the avatars. In a recent interview with Rock Antenne, Frehley stated in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t feel the whole “digital avatar” thing embodies rock.

“I’m happy it’s over, because I’m not gonna be compared to them anymore… But I don’t get this avatar thing that they’re gonna do,” said Frehley. “I mean, I saw some of it on a video on YouTube last night. It kind of looked like it was geared towards children. And it’s not rock and roll. I get up on stage without backing tracks, plug my amp into it, plug my guitar into a Marshall and go. That’s it. It’s always been that way and always will be.”

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