The 15 Underground Metal Bands You Might’ve Missed In October 2023

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Underground Roundup

Featuring new music from Owdwyr, Sentenced 2 Die, Crystal Coffin, Alchemy Of Flesh, and more!


Looking for something new to listen to? Get acquainted with these tracks from some lesser-known bands thanks to our monthly Underground Roundup! Check out our playlists below featuring this month’s picks (as long as they’re on streaming services), and you can listen to all previous editions of the Underground Roundup here.

A quick note before we dive into this month’s picks – this series has been condensed into a more playlist-focused effort. This playlist will not be wiped clean month to month. Instead, this is be a cumulative effort to show off all the great bands you might not have heard of. So go give the playlists a like on Spotify and Apple Music, and enjoy!

  1. “Unmaker” by Alchemy Of Flesh, from their upcoming album By Will Alone due out November 17. Pre-orders are available here.
  2. “Knots Of Abhorrence I” by Ch’ahom, from their upcoming album Knots Of Abhorrence due out November 1. Pre-orders are available here.
  3. “The Vortex Of Earth And Death” by Crystal Coffin, from their new album The Curse Of Immortality out now. Get it here.
  4. “The Absence” by Degenerate Synapse, from their new self-titled album out now. Get it here.
  5. “The Droste Observer” by Devil’s Reef, from their upcoming album The Droste Observer due out December 8. Pre-orders are available here.
  6. “Metamorphosis” by Ecocide, from their new album Metamorphosis out now. Get it here.
  7. “Distilled In Observance” by Fawn Limbs & Nadja, from their upcoming collaboration Vestigial Spectra due out November 24. Pre-orders are available here.
  8. “Kampf und Sturm” by Kanonenfieber, from their upcoming EP U​-​Bootsmann due out November 24. Pre-orders are available here.
  9. “The Silence Of Heaven” by One Of Nine, from their new album Eternal Sorcery out now. Get it here.
  10. “Ein” by Owdwyr, from their new album Receptor out now. Get it here.
  11. “Strategic Bombing” by SaintBreaker, from their new album Unrelenting Violence out now. Get it here.
  12. “Desecrated Tombstones” by Sentenced 2 Die, from their new album Parasitic Infection out now. Get it here.
  13. “Sullen” by Shock Withdrawal, which is a standalone single available here.
  14. “Frostpalace Gloaming Respite” by Vertebra Atlantis, from their new album A Dialogue With The Eeriest Sublime out now. Get it here.
  15. “Sporecraft Zero” by Xoth, from their upcoming album Exogalactic due out November 3. Pre-orders are available here.
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