The Low-Cost Item That Transforms Your Summer Shoes For Winter

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Though it might be hard to believe as we make it through another cold February, it’s officially time to start considering your spring wardrobe. The first place I looked for fashion inspiration this month was the street style at Copenhagen fashion week. The Danish event never fails to provide the winter wardrobe inspiration we crave, and this season, my eyes were caught on a particular trend that requires no shopping at all.

One of my personal goals for 2024 is to take a second look at the pieces I already own, and style them creatively to create a whole new look, so I’m claiming this as my favorite early trend of the year. After all, none of us can hide from the cost of living crisis, and regardless, outfit repeating is chic.


While some show attendees ignored the welfare of their ankles in the sub-zero temperatures, many paired their mules, slingbacks, and pointed-toe heels with a charming pair of socks, effectively transitioning their summer shoes to winter-appropriate footwear.

Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.

In my opinion, the best trends are born from necessity and feel purposeful. Be it for comfort, warmth, or trying to re-style pieces we already have in our wardrobes, popping on a pair of socks with summer shoes gives new life to a summer favorite that might otherwise be packed away for the season.

It also feels like a Carrie Bradshaw-esque update on the Mary Janes with socks trend that’s been circulating the past few months, offering a more elevated take on the girlie trend that dominated 2023.

The beauty of this trend is that there are no rules, and the ease with which any of us can embrace it feels like a deep sigh of relief, with people in Copenhagen opting for colored socks, lightweight cashmere pairs, or as above, chunky and cozy woolen versions, all to the same level of effectiveness.

Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.

That said, I am particularly partial to socks being matched with a pair of black pointed-toe shoes, as this feels like the most polished version of the trend and also the most achievable with the pieces I already have in my wardrobe. From here, add a pair of crew socks you already own, match your socks with a turtleneck (as seen below), or pick up a colored pair to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.


This trend also plays nicely with colored tights, which is another trend predicted to emerge in 2024, and if you’re a Very Cold Girl like me, adding a pair of stockings underneath a pair of jeans in the dead of winter is nothing new. But experimenting with colored tights to give the effect of socks peeking out from underneath my jeans, or layering stockings, socks, and slingbacks on a particularly cold day already has me feeling warm and cozy.

No need to shy away from winter, I say. And bring on more of these transitional trends that help us get even more wear out of our favorite wardrobe items.

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