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Something like the extreme metal UN, international grinding death metal troupe Aborted have been carving out their legacy for almost three decades. Led by Belgian vocalist and founding member Sven de Caluwé, the years of constant touring and sheer hard work have turned Aborted into one of the strongest and most consistent bands at the extreme end of heavy music.

With 11 studio full lengths and a host of other EPs and singles, Aborted are one hell of a prolific metal machine. Of course, this means that there’s a host of forgotten Aborted classics that are crying out to be heard by a wider audience. Whittling their entire catalogue down to just 10 lesser known tunes is no easy feat – we could very easily do a second (or third!) list. With our medical vocabulary immensely expanded, please join us in exhuming 10 of the most under-appreciated Aborted deep cuts… 

With only one noted performance of the song live, and the lowest streams off it’s parent album Terrorvision, “Altro Inferno” is a more than worthy way to kick off our list. Our most recent Aborted selection, though not as big as it’s brethren, sums up everything great about the modern day era of the group. They’re never too far from their grinding past with the rampaging pace on offer, but the dark, dynamic bridge and middle is proof of a band continuously pushing their boundaries. Ending powerfully, “Altro Inferno” – Another Hell in Latin – deserves your attention.

Taken from arguably Aborted’s finest hour – 2016’s Retrogore – the furious “Coven of Ignorance” is cursed by being stuck towards the backend of a killer record. Immediately following the much more well known “Divine Impediment”, our choice packs more than enough awesome elements to stand on it’s own. Revocation’s David Davidson shows up briefly to bark out some lines, but it’s the guitar solo where the tune levels up. A nasty, grooving passage provides the anchor of some very rock n roll style licks, before “Coven of Ignorance” draws to a false-close with an ever-slowering riff – before launching back into full pace for the final seconds.

There’s a tonne of neck-snapping, forgotten material on the excellent Strychnine.213 – “Avarice of Vilification” almost made the cut – but our selection “Enterrement of an Idol” gets the nod thanks to it’s killer ending half. The doom-y guitars and droning lead line give off some seriously apocalyptic vibes to the great track. Though six albums deep at this point, Aborted were still open to growth, and Strychnine.213 is definitely one of their key releases in their career – and with bruisers like “Enterrement of an Idol” being overlooked you can guarantee the rest of the LP is just as devastating.

A very underrated selection from one Aborted‘s shortest lived lineups, “Grime” – and the Coronary Reconstruction EP as a whole – is not nearly spoken enough about. With a lineup boasting future Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren and Abigail Williams leader Ken Sorceron on guitar, “Grime” is a brutal three and a half minute slab of carnage – plenty of speed and evil elements on display here. It’s worth mentioning that the band (or at least leader de Caluwé) thought the “Grime” had plenty of potential, with the five-piece re-recording it for the following Global Flatline LP in 2012.

Maybe the best titled track on this list, “Sea of Cartilage” is our bet for the most forgotten jam on arguably the group’s breakthrough, 2003’s Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done. Frankly the whole second half of the record is overlooked, but our violent choice – again featuring the powerhouse Dirk Verbeuren – is the highlight. The steamrolling intro is both punishing and tension-building, while the creepy sample over the top of a lurching, oft-kilter groove in the bridge is classic early days Aborted. With the act having picked up a lot of newer fans with their recent tours, Goremageddon… as a whole is essential re-listening.

A completely forgotten cut from The Necrotic Manifesto, “Saprophytes” is absolutely nowhere to be found on streaming services. Arguably the best – and most underrated – number we’ll feature today, it’s kinda crazy that this riff-city of a banger was only strong enough to make the deluxe edition – and not even Spotify. Guitarists Mendel bij de Leij and Danny Tunker lay down a six-string masterclass in both rhythm and lead playing, while Ken Bedene’s endless double kicks charge down the listener like a freight train. A must listen.

From the Aborted’s sophomore full length Engineering The Dead, “Sphinctal Enthrallment” immediately starts on an uncomfortable note with an unnerving old-school medical recording. It’s a fairly groove based cut, especially of this era of Aborted, but there’s still plenty brutality for the grindcore freaks to sink their teeth into. There are still those elements of pure death metal – such as the whipping middle section – than would become more pronounced across the years. Barely played live and with the LP’s lowest streams, “Spincnctal Enthrallment” is forgotten testament to not only how far the band has come – but how good they’ve always been.

Aborted have dropped a handful of covers throughout their career – their viscous take on Converge’s “Concubine” just missed the list. Instead we’ve gone for their crushing take on Faith No More’s thrashing “Surprise Your Dead”. Recorded during the Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture sessions, if there ever was a Faith No More song that Aborted would cover, then surely “Surprise Your Dead” is the obvious choice. Both the lyrics/title fit into the Aborted-canon and the two and half minute blast sounds awesome through the nasty lens of extreme metal.

A lost gem with an interesting life – breathe – “Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome” has appeared on more than one Aborted album. Popping up on no more than three different releases with different recorded versions, you’d think a track with such a long history would be well-known. It’s almost like the band knew it’s potential, but sadly it never quite got the limelight. Which is a shame as it’s an intense example of Aborted’s raw and intense mid period that would also fit nicely into their current repertoire. The Archaic Abattoir version, from 2005, is our vote for the best take of this underrated classic.

Wrapping up our list with the our oldest Aborted selection, “Wrenched Carnal Ornaments” is taken from their 1999 debut The Purity of Perversion. An album not on streaming services, our song is one of the most underrated, and best, pieces from their first full length. The production is raw, but almost all of the elements of Aborted’s sound are fully formed, with De Caluwé as guttural as he’s ever been. While their style may have gotten more refined and the lyrics less medicinally-based, it’s worth any newer fans to head right back to the very start of Aborted’s career with “Wrenched Carnal Ornaments” and The Purity of Perversion.

With an exceptional dense (and gory) back catalogue to comb through, we know that there are plenty of lesser known Aborted cuts that could have made our list – so what are they? Let us know in the comments!

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