Trump Wants His OJ Moment At Classified Documents Trial

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Donald Trump thinks that he is going to use his federal criminal trial for stealing classified documents to help his presidential campaign, as his new lawyer wants the trial to be televised.

CNN Kaitlin Collins tweeted:

Trump’s new attorney John Lauro says the first thing he will ask for are “cameras in the courtroom.” “And I would hope that the Department of Justice would join in that effort, so that we can take the curtain away and all Americans can see what’s happening.”

— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) July 21, 2023

Trump can’t get television networks to show his rallies or speeches, so he is going to try to get his criminal trial televised for free media. This is an idea that has not been well thought through. Should Trump really want the nation to see him sitting at a criminal defense table facing federal felony charges?

Donald Trump was never able to convince anyone that he looked presidential while he was president. It is not a great idea for the image plastered in the minds of voters to be Donald J. Trump, federal criminal defendant.

Trump is only capable of viewing situations through the lens of media attention. He appears to think that he can get media coverage like OJ Simpson with a crime-of-the-century sort of trial.

If the trial does get televised we will be this close to his lawyer being up a folder and saying, ‘If the classified doc don’t fit, you must acquit.’

Team Trump appears to have convinced themselves that crime is their path back to the White House.

Republican primary voters have never been more out of step with the rest of America than they currently are, so Trump is setting himself up for a big fall if he gets cameras in the courtroom.

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