Trump’s Looks Like He’s Seething In Beautifully Horrific Georgia Mugshot

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Donald Trump’s Georgia mugshot has been released and it is everything that a majority of Americans have been waiting for over the last eight years.

The mugshot:

Trump's Georgia Mugshot

Of all the mugshots that have been taken in the Trump RICO case, Donald Trump’s is the true masterpiece. It seems to capture the real Donald Trump. The anger and contempt radiate from his eyes, and you look just a little deeper you can see the fear and self-pity just below the surface.

Donald Trump is the first ex-president in United States history to have his mugshot taken. This sort of thing happens in other countries, but it has never happened in the US before. You could say that this is an America first.

Trump’s lawyers and the former president did not want his mugshot taken, and given how the picture turned out, it is easy to see why. Unlike the photoshopped Hollywood version that is used for fundraising, the real Trump mugshot is ugly. This is something that his campaign should not put on t-shirts and merchandise.

The mugshot is horrific because it shows who Trump is, and it is beautiful because it represents accountability and the American value that no one is above the law.

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