ABC’s Jon Karl Holds Tim Scott Accountable For Blaming Biden For Hamas Attack

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ABC’s Jon Karl didn’t let Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) off the hook for claiming that Biden had blood on his hands after Hamas attacked Israel.

Transcript from ABC’s This Week:

SCOTT: Let me finish, Jon. That money, we know Hamas’s first thank you was to Iran. Ninety percent of their money comes from — from Iran. Put those pieces of the puzzle together. That’s why this administration froze those dollars just last week.

KARL: But — but, I mean, I’m glad you mention they froze the money, because none of that money has gone to Iran, none of it. And you said that he has blood on his hands. I mean, with all due respect…


KARL: … the blood is on the hands of Hamas. And to say that Joe Biden is complicit, which you also said, in the greatest, deadliest attack…


KARL: … on the Jewish people since the Holocaust, I mean, that — that’s beyond the pale, isn’t it?

SCOTT: Well, Jon, let’s just…

KARL: You don’t — you don’t really think he has…

KARL: OK. But I — I think we can agree that the blood is on the hands of Hamas. That’s who is to blame for what happened.

SCOTT: We can agree that — no doubt, the…


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The problem that occurs when Republicans step out of the conservative media bubble and try to do mainstream media interviews is that they often have to face consequences for the over-the-top and in many cases dangerous rhetoric that they use.

Scott made up an excuse about what he was really referring to were Biden’s policies when the truth is that he was trying to court Republican voters and grab some headlines with some rhetoric that he knew was inaccurate and unjustified.

Kevin McCarthy faced some of the same accountability when he went on Meet The Press and tried to blame Democrats for getting fired. Elected Republicans struggle to speak to the rest of America that doesn’t watch Fox News and Newsmax, and as their party has moved more to the extreme right, people like Tim Scott try to keep up by making inflammatory statements that even the corporate media feels compelled to call out.

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