Sheila Adel; Founder Of Lady Ease – Demasking Menopausal Taboos And Providing Peace-Of-Mind

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Finding herself at a dead-end, bewildered at the lack of support in her search for products to ease vaginal dryness, a common symptom experienced by postmenopausal women across the globe, Sheila Adel used the skills and experience she gained from her 30 plus year career as an Engineer & Research Manager to seek out answers. 

After rigorous research and development, Sheila is rewriting the narrative when it comes to dealing with menopause through her organic skincare brand, Lady Ease. Engineering products that are organic, sustainably sourced, non-toxic and free of harmful ingredients to empower women to reclaim their bodies with comfort, peace of mind, and pleasure to be in their own skin  – now that’s beautiful.

Radiating a quality of effortless ease in her own skin, Adel embodies all the qualities of the ultimate modern-day entrepreneur. Boldly identifying a grey area in the women’s self-care arena, stopping at nothing to source a solution and bravely speaking out to normalize the vulnerable topic of vaginal dryness, something so intimately personal and potentially demoralizing, many suffer in silence. “There’s an innocence in the aging process, you really don’t believe you’re going to get old when you’re young,” she admits, smiling as she equates those bodily surprises to the early years of puberty. “For menopause, the changes that occur often make women feel bad, less of a woman and potentially not even fully functional in their intimate relationships. It’s time to recraft a new paradigm of how we view ourselves.” 

Spanning from her 34-year long career in the world of mechanical engineering; with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s in engineering management under her belt, intricate problem solving is nothing new. Yet, after years of fulfilling roles related to designing cable installations on high voltage transmission lines – as well as in research and development for technology innovation of power systems, Adel found herself lost for answers when experiencing her first signs and symptoms of menopause around age fifty. “I knew very little about what to expect. I knew of my mother’s and other women’s experiences along with stories of hot flashes and emotional breakdowns, so those are the signs I looked out for.” However, when menopause actually came around “I experienced none of those things. What I did find was an unexplainable, extremely uncomfortable condition I now know to be vaginal dryness.” Adel explains. 

Following menopause, the ovaries stop producing the female reproductive hormone estrogen and levels begin to decrease. Declining estrogen causes the vaginal skin tissue to become thin, less robust and often intensely dry, leaving more than half of post-menopausal women experiencing vaginal dryness along with some occurrences in women during post-partum and in certain phases of the menstrual cycle. 

“I sought out doctors and naturopaths, looking for answers and products to ease my discomfort, but found nothing that made me feel safe or completely comfortable,” she says. “There’d always be an irritation or something off about it, it just wasn’t the product I wanted long-term.” Presented with the dismal choice of either ingesting a daily pill or applying moisturizers; both rich in the synthetic hormone estrogen only offered a seemingly endless list of side effects ranging from nausea to bloating, to diarrhea, breast tenderness, headaches, weight changes and even an increased risk of cancer. “We live in an age where we expect to live to a hundred,” Adel pronounces, determined to find a long-term solution that doesn’t put her health at risk. “That’s half your life you’re spending post-menopausal!” 

Working as Chief Operations Officer for her daughter’s High Performance Homes company at the time, Adel was already building a reputation for high-quality customer service, working to gain customers’ trust in the integrity and premium quality of the service being provided. “Trust in the product is paramount,” she says, aiming to provide women with a worry-free, long-term solution. “Based on super high-quality ingredients in premium quality containers, there is peace of mind in these products, 0% harmful ingredients.” 

Tried and tested on family and friends, following endless conversations revealing so many women’s shared discomfort, Adel shares her aim to simplify the problem; “You don’t want to put a lot of different products on your vaginal skin or use anything that will cause inflammation. The secret to the Lady Ease vaginal skincare lies in a few skillfully crafted products that ultra-moisturize without irritating the skin. Lady Ease Vaginal Moisturizers are an important part of a whole-body skincare regime, making women feel completely fabulous. The products are designed to uplift women, knowing they can use this on a daily basis and be fine. There’s nothing wrong with a women’s body in menopause, it’s just vaginal dryness, and it simply needs skincare.”

The texture was something of particular importance in creating the product after experiencing goopy and suffocatingly thick moisturizers in the past. “A lot of the research went into formulating a product that feels good, light and beautiful on your skin,” Adel describes.

Lady Ease VM Oil, VM Cream, and VM Serum are skillfully crafted for individual or combined application, depending on a woman’s needs and activities throughout the day. The light VM Oil, cold-pressed and packed with natural vitamins and essential fatty acids provides nourishment and comfort, the VM cream, a protecting emollient to hydrate and nourish, the VM Serum’s aloe vera element calms and soothes any irritation. Each product is beautifully packaged, sustainably sourced and free of any fragrances, preservatives, chemicals, toxins and hormones and can be purchased as a set or individually. 

“I want Lady Ease’s products to be as commonly known as Ivory soap and sold around the world.” Adel’s sights are set to not only create a mainstream product but with it, a worldwide acceptance and normalization of vaginal dryness; a natural occurrence of the aging woman. “My goal is to make women feel more beautiful in their own bodies, in their own skin.” LadyEase products are the ultimate trustworthy products designed by women for women fulfilling a universal desire to care for ourselves and others with simple skincare that gives comfort and peace of mind, now that’s beautiful!. 

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Georgina Lawlor

Writer, Mindful Media PR

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