Chuck Todd Blows Up Jim Jordan’s Select Committee To His Face

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Chuck Todd took apart Jim Jordan’s rationale for his special select committee during an interview on Meet The Press.


Meet The Press’s Chuck Todd asked Jim Jordan, “You keep talking about this raid on Donald Trump. The amount of time there was nine months between the initial action of the archives for the request of documents before they even turned it over to the Justice Department. The subpoena was issued 60 days before they actually executed the subpoena. And more importantly the only time the public found out about it is because Donald Trump told the public. This was not some sort of — you paint it as a picture of the FBI did this, this, and this within hours of each other when it was actually a year and a half of Donald Trump not complying with any of the requests from National Archives. A year and a half. This is not some sort of proof that somehow they’ve weaponized and are playing politics over here.

Jordan replied, “They raided Trump’s home. They haven’t raided Biden’s home.”

Todd was ready, “Because Biden didn’t defy a subpoena, congressman. He defied a subpoena. By the time he had 60 days to comply with the subpoena before they actually executed the search warrant.”

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For the second week in a row, Chuck Todd put a stop to Republican lies and distortions on Meet The Press.

The Meet The Press moderator takes a ton of justifiable criticism for the way that he has let Republicans off of the hook for years and allowed them to spew false statements and talking points unchallenged, but over the last few weeks, Todd has stuck to facts, and not allowed Republicans to distort the classified documents story.

If the media continues to cover Jordan’s sham select committee in this way, it will go nowhere.

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