Dr. Tom Moorcroft, Origins Of Health, A Refreshing Approach To Healing From Hard-To-Diagnose Diseases

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After a battle with Lyme Disease, Dr. Tom Moorcroft and Origins Of Health are devoted to patient wellness, diagnosing illnesses correctly, and helping patients recover and stay well using a combination of traditional and natural healing approaches to medicine.

In a sea of negatives, a positive that came from the global health crisis caused by the Coronavirus is that we value our health more than ever before. Irrespective of success and wealth, it is difficult to feel very prosperous in the absence of good health. Long before this outbreak, one forward-thinking health care provider, Dr. Tom Moorcroft, founder of Origins Of Health, was focusing on patient wellness just as much or more than on illness. 

I asked a lot of questions and was impressed with what I learned about Origins Of Health. More healthcare practitioners should be following their example: 

  • Listening attentively to patients as they describe their history, symptoms, treatment, and medications they have already tried.
  • Supporting patients in finding their “why” for getting well – what gets them out of bed in the morning, what stirs their passion, and their reason for wanting to get well and return to a robust life.
  • Supporting patients in setting goals and envisioning being restored to wellness and living a full, healthy life, practices that significantly improve odds of recovery. 
  • Reinforcing patients’ beliefs that they are worthy of being healthy and that healing is possible.

“Too many people spend time focusing on what they don’t want instead of what they really do want,” says Dr. Moorcroft. “When a patient gets on board mentally and invests energy in thoughts about wellness and plans for life after recovery, the healing comes much more quickly,” says Dr. Moorcroft. “Helping them find answers and supporting them in feeling better is what we do at Origins Of Health.”

Dr. Tom Moorcroft is no stranger to illness. Although it was difficult to diagnose, he suffered for over 13 years with chronic Lyme disease and Babesiosis, a rare and life-threatening infection of the red blood cells that are usually spread by ticks. He received traditional treatment for his chronic condition and improved – but then relapsed and complete healing was a long time in coming. He took advantage of natural healing remedies – breathwork, meditation, positive thinking, and goal-setting, and his healing experience changed his approach as a medical practitioner. 

Dr. Moorcroft’s “why” for getting well was his love for outdoor activities and his dreams of having a family. He now has a full life, the family he dreamed of, and the ability to do everything he loves to do. He has been symptom-free for 11 years. 

Not many patients have not been exposed to the power of combining healthy thinking, habits, nutrition, and self-care with traditional medical care. When a medical practice offers excellent care to the infirm while simultaneously focusing on keeping healthy people healthy, that is something we all should want more of. A growing part of Dr. Moorcroft’s practice majors on wellness – educating and training patients to support them in having optimal health and a long, healthy life. If a mind-body-spirit approach has positive effects on the infirm, it stands to reason that it can also enhance and sustain wellness for healthy people. 

Origins Of Health is an “osteopathic medical center specializing in recovery from chronic infections, including Lyme disease, Babesia, Borrelia miyamotoi, Bartonella, and more.” Many of their patients have “mycotoxin illness and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). They also see many children with PANS/PANDAS, types of infection-induced autoimmune encephalitis.”

Origins Of Health practitioners integrate conventional and natural treatments in offering a personalized and individualized approach to help patients realize optimum health. While they diagnose what’s wrong, they also take note of what’s right, listening to and working with the body’s natural healing ability, teaching patients how to tap into their self-healing power, and engaging in a body-mind-spirit approach to wellness.

Their mission is to “provide individuals who are suffering from tick-borne illnesses with high quality, courteous, integrative medical care, endeavoring to give them hope while empowering them to take an active role in optimizing their health.” 

Integrating integrity, respect, compassion, and honesty into patient care, the health care providers at Origins Of Health are leading by example, following the same recommendations they offer to patients. Their thorough, compassionate approach to providing top-tier total-patient care is attracting elite clientele. Post-pandemic, with patients’ revitalized emphasis on health, Origins Of Health is destined for rapid growth and expansion, and Dr. Moorcroft and his team are ready for it. Their vision is to continue expanding their reach in serving and improving the lives and health of ALL of their patients. 

Patients and healthcare practitioners wanting to learn more about Dr. Moorcroft and Origins Of Health can reach out for more information.

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