Florida GOP Activist Convicted Of Voter Fraud For Trump In Florida

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A Florida Republican Party activist has been convicted of voter fraud in connection with supporting Donald Trump during the 2020 election.

Robert Rivernider Jr. forged a vote-by-mail ballot for Trump.

ClickOrlando.com reported:

Rivernider was found guilty of forgery to alter public records, fraud in connection with casting a vote, and pass counterfeit instrument, which are felony charges. He could face several years in prison.

Rivernider is a Republican Party activist, with a website that touts his experience with several party campaigns, including the Trump and Bush/Cheney presidential campaigns and the Laura Loomer congressional campaign in 2022.

Rivernider was caught by Ron DeSantis’s election police, and he now faces potentially several in prison after his felony convictions.

It has been a pattern for years that Trump and his supporters scream fraud and claim that the election was stolen, but the fraud that is being found and prosecuted was committed by Trump and his supporters.

It is almost as if Trump is accusing Democrats of exactly what he and his supporters are doing.

The voter/election fraud has been found, and it is being committed by supporters of Donald J. Trump.

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